31 March 2007

The Beginning of Sahara Short Sleeves

After taking a brief break from knitting and making the needle case, I decided to start my Sahara short sleeve top for the summer. I made sure I read over the pattern several times before starting to make sure I could do all the knitting techniques. I have been collected all the materials I would need, but I still have not been able to find some 16" US size 6 circular needles or double pointed needles locally. I also had trouble finding 24" circular needles in Greensboro. I checked several different crafts store, but no luck! So I have been using 29" needles in place of the 24".

The pattern calls for US sizes 6 and 4, but when I checked the gauge using the Rowan All Season Cotton yarn, I needed to use US sizes 8 and 6 to obtain the proper gauge. So far the top is looking great! I am on the other hand having problems with the circular needles curling up as I knit. I don't know what to do about that. I will have to do some type of Google search to see if anyone can help me.

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