20 September 2009

Apples in Chinatown Pullover

Here is the Apples in Chinatown Pullover I am making for my youngest son. The pattern is really the Child’s Placket Neck Sweater. Here is the link. I had this pattern in my Ravelry queue for sometime and was inspired by Holli's Pullover . The yarn is Dream in Color Classy in Chinatown Apple. But I bet you already knew that!

Why didn't anyone tell me how wonderful this yarn is? I am in LOVE! The color in just amazing and the stitch definition in great! In one of my previous post, I stated that I purchased some Dream in Color from the Dizzy Sheep Labor Day Weekend Spinoff. This is my new favorite yarn and I just can't get enough of it!

15 September 2009

Are the 80s Back?

Does anyone else remember this style of sweater from the 1980s? Because, I had a black and white pullover sweater with these same big arm wings!

14 September 2009

The Addition to the Stash

Dream in Color
Baby, Smooshy, and Classy

Here is my new addition to the yarn stash. I purchased it during the Dizzy Sheep Labor Day Weekend Spinoff. I have a new love for Dream in Color {DIC} yarn. In order from left to right: Baby in Cinnamon Girl, Smooshy in Bermuda Teal, Classy in Cloud Jungle, Chinatown Apple, and Gothic Rose.

Yum, Yum, give me some! :)

08 September 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I have to say that I didn't go anyway this weekend. But I had a good time. I did something for the first time this weekend. It was a mixture of lack of sleep, fun, excitement, craziness, laughs, and money spent!

I was in front of my computer all this weekend buying yarn! That's right, buying yarn!!! The Dizzy Sheep had it's Labor Day Weekend Spinoff! Over the past three days, I purchased six hanks of Dream in Color Classy - - four in Gothic Rose and two in Chinatown Apple. I got one hank of Dream in Color Baby in Cinnamon Girl and one hank of Smooshy in Bermuda Teal. It was exciting to get all this in just three crazy days.

I even slept on the sofa one night because I was afraid I would miss out on a deal! My husband needed to run to the store and I told him that he would have to bring the laptop with us if he wanted me to go to! Tell me that isn't just CRAZINESS!

I did get amazing deals and I am happy I lost sleep over it!