23 April 2008

Completed Project: Mossy Jacket

Cast On:

April 7, 2008

Bind Off:
April 22, 2008


Lion's Brand Cotton Ease in Lake Blue


Mossy Jacket

US size 8 and 9 dpns and US size 9 circular


One skein of Cotton Ease {207 yards}


I decided to use smaller needle sizes to make the jacket fit R. G. Boykin better.

Enjoyment Factor: 10

Good Things:

This was a simple and fun pattern to knit! The yarn is machine washable and dryable and cheap!!!!

Bad Things:

Nothing bad to say about this pattern.

Ugly Things:

Not much to say ugly about this pattern. I loved it!!

10 April 2008

New Photos of Baby and New Knit Project.

It seems like I have been working on the DROPS jacket forever, but it is coming long great. I have completed the back and am half way done with the front left. I don't know how I feel about the striping effect yet, but I do like the yarn ok.

I also started the Mossy Jacket for the baby a few days ago, because it is still a little cool. I will have to share the details of the project later. It is hard to type with the baby in my other arm! :)

Well, I have people to ask for more photos of the R. G. "Baby Boykin". So here are a few of him and the other boys. I hope you enjoy!

Ryan at 1 week old

Ryan at 1 week and a very tired me!

Ryan's first bath in the tub

Ryan and Cameron

Ryan at 5 weeks old {last week}

Three of my four Boykin Boys
And last Ryan in a little knit wear!
The Boat Neck Sweater, he just had to sing about it!