23 April 2008

Completed Project: Mossy Jacket

Cast On:

April 7, 2008

Bind Off:
April 22, 2008


Lion's Brand Cotton Ease in Lake Blue


Mossy Jacket

US size 8 and 9 dpns and US size 9 circular


One skein of Cotton Ease {207 yards}


I decided to use smaller needle sizes to make the jacket fit R. G. Boykin better.

Enjoyment Factor: 10

Good Things:

This was a simple and fun pattern to knit! The yarn is machine washable and dryable and cheap!!!!

Bad Things:

Nothing bad to say about this pattern.

Ugly Things:

Not much to say ugly about this pattern. I loved it!!


Renee said...

Cute sweater and cute baby!

aprilshowers said...

Cute! I've had that pattern in my queue forever. Now I just need a newborn to knit for! Yours is beautiful!

Sereknitty said...

Oh my, that is one very cute baby! Your cardi turned out well, too!

Virtuous said...

OOh did you get his professional pics in his Moss Jacket?!?

I have had that pattern in my que and really like it! Was it only 1 skein of Cotton Ease?

Can't wait to see precious Ryan this Saturday with some of his knitwear!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! He's a cutie! The sweater is nice too! It's been on my to-do list forever.

QueenDBW said...

Simply beautiful!! I can't wait to meet the little guy this weekend!!