09 May 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today is my 34th birthday and so far it has been pretty good. It's great when your birthday falls on the weekend! And since my birthday is today and Mother's Day in Sunday, I decided to make the whole weekend extra special for me!

My family may say I'm on strike, but I really don't care! I'm doing nothing this weekend and that includes cooking, washing clothes, sweeping the floor, or washing children. My husband can do that!!!

The boys bought me my favorite, a CARVEL, ice cream cake for my birthday. I really don't have much self control when comes to this ice cream, so I only eat it once a year on my birthday. ;D

Looks good, right?


Ami said...

Happy Birthday, Debora! And have a nice weekend! Ami from Hungary

Nik said...

Girl, Happy Birthday!

Now, send me a slice of cake.

Pajnstl said...

Happy Birthday!

QueenDBW said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! That cake looks DELISH!!!