28 February 2009

One Year Birthday.

It has been an amazing year watching my baby grow up!

Here he is at one week old . . .

. . . and here he is a year later!

Here are some pictures of him on his birthday and the cake I made for him. As you can see from his face, the cake was REALLY GOOD if I do say so myself!

This year has really gone by so fast. I love the idea of him growing up to be a wonderfully strong young man one day, but I would be lying if I didn't say, how I will miss the days of holding my baby in my arms. He is becoming more and more independent everyday. I love you!


18 February 2009

My Baby's First Steps

My baby is walking!! You can tell how happy I am by my crazy happy giggle!!!

Sorry the video is sideway, but just could not find a way to rotate it.