10 March 2009

Fever, Ears, and Missed Day.

My baby had been struggling with a 103 temperature over the few days. It had been going up and down like a yo-yo, but just when I thought he was doing better. He wakes up with another hot head. I took him to the doctor today, only to find out that he has a double ear infection. The doctor prescribed some medication and hopefully it will clear up this ear infection. My poor little Honey Bear doesn't want to do anything but sit on my lap. So, let's just say the house chores are getting behind until he is better!

Well on to other news. What can I say. . . This is the second year in a row I have missed my Blogoversary! I knew it was coming up, but somehow I still managed to miss it. Maybe next year I will remember!

02 March 2009

So Much Snow!

The snow has come and is here to stay a few days! Here are some of our photos.
The Boykin Family

The House


Me and Ryan

Cameron and Jalen

Johnny and Ryan