27 November 2009

Black Friday. . . A Good or Bad Thing?

I haven't decided if Black Friday is a good or bad thing yet. I know it is good to be able to purchase items at a discounted price and save some money, but come on! Who doesn't want to save money? The reason I ask if it is good or bad is because of my experience this morning during a Black Friday Doorbuster event.

For some crazy reason, I decided to go to Toy R Us of all stores to partake is some of the money saving deals. The store opened at 12 midnight and I arrived at 10:45 pm. Well, there was already a long line. There had to be more than 250 people in front of me. No lie! I looked at the line and said, Ok this won't be so bad!

Ya, right! In the time that I was standing in line, I saw 2 people get handcuffed by the cops, 1 person almost get tased by a female officer, and heard the most ungodly words used in the worst way! To make matters worst, after I picked up the 3 items I wanted, I stood in a line for 1 hour only to have a sale associate tell me and about 100+ other people this wasn't a real line to the checkout.

Let's just say that set it off! Oh, did I mention that I had 2 chics try to jump me in line after all this other crap had gone down. Let me just tell you the short story to that situation, the 2 chics ended up putting their things down and walking away with nothing after I confronted them!

I didn't leave Toy R Us until 2:15 am! I love my kids, but this was a first and last time experience with this toy store on Black Friday . . . that was all the bad! The good . . . I did end up saving $60 on my 3 item!