31 December 2007

Completed Project: Gifted Forest Mittens

My last knitted project of 2007! Completed at 11:00 pm!

Cast On:
December 29, 2007

Bind Off:
December 31, 2007

Moda Dea Vision in Forest

US size 10.5 straight needles
US size 9 double pointed needles
1 pair circular needles as stitch holders {any size}
1 crochet hook

I used about 80 yards of this yard. {207 yd per ball}

I changed the length of the mittens over the hands.

Enjoyment Factor: 9

Good Things:
The pattern was easy and took no time to knit! Now my oldest son will have some little mittens to keep his hands warm on the way to school in the mornings.

Bad Things:
Nothing bad to say about this pattern.

Ugly Things:
Not much to say ugly about this pattern.

29 December 2007

Completed Projects of 2007

Off The Needles This Year:
2 adult sweaters, 3 baby sweaters, 3 dishclothes, 1 baby blanket, 1 baby dress, 1 kitchen plastic bag holder, 2 knitted toys, 3 pairs of baby booties, 1 pair of mittens, and 5 hats.


I can't believe how many knitted projects I have completed this year! This is the first time I have really kept track of how much I have done. Thanks to blogging and Ravelry! Now I have a log of my work with dates, yard usage, and most important photos! I'm sure next year's list will be even longer, but how much knitting will really get done is the question?

I hope everyone has had a successful knitting year and I hope next year is even better !

28 December 2007

Completed Project: Taupe Ribbed Baby Jacket

Cast On:
December 5, 2007

Bind Off:
December 28, 2007

Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Taupe


US size 7 & 8 circular needles

I used about 1 3/4 yards of this yard. {207 yd per ball}

I didn't make any changes to this pattern.

Enjoyment Factor: 9

Good Things:
The pattern was easy and it knitted up fairly quick! I love Cotton Ease yarn! It is cheap, you get a lot for your money, and it is machine washable and dryable.

Bad Things:
This yarn splits like crazy if you're not careful.

Ugly Things:
Not much to say ugly about this pattern! It was worth the knitting time!

22 December 2007

Happy Holidays!

Have a happy and safe Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

21 December 2007

New to my Knitting Library

The newest knitting book to my knitting library: The Harmony Guides: Knit & Purl book. This book has the same amount of stitch designs as the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, Volume 1: Knit & Purl -- 250 stitch designs. The Harmony Guide book is a softcover book which I like because it is easier for me to copy the pages if I need to on my copier. Plus this book was only $15.61 from KnitPicks.com.

I am very excited to have this book! My husband had been asking me what I wanted for Christmas, so I finally just made a list of some things I wouldn't mind having - - and this book was on my list! It arrived today. I figured no need for wrapping!!

Now to get the other two books in the collection!

Progress on Taupe Ribbed Baby Jacket

Well, as you can see I haven't completed my projects as of yet. I really wanted to be done by the end of this week, but I just don't see that happening. I don't have much left to do. Just finish the ribbing for the collar and the front and sew up the arms and sides.

I'm sure I will have it completed before the new year!!!

19 December 2007

Vote for the Spring/Summer 2008 Collection.

You can now vote for Drops Spring/Summer '08 collections.
Now is the time to get your votes in!

16 December 2007

I'm still here.

I know I haven't posted anything for a few days, but I have been a little busy with Christmas things. My brother will be flying into Greensboro on Wednesday for the holidays from San Diego, CA and we haven't seen him since May. So, it will be great to spent some time with him and my boys love their Uncle Chip!

This is the first year I have waited to last minute to complete my Christmas shopping for my husband and kids. And after going out this morning, I have to say that these boys aren't getting another thing out of me!!!!! Now on the other hand, my husband hasn't done any shopping from me as of yet or maybe he has fooled me!! It would be a shocker if he has, because he is the most last minute person I have every had to pleasure of meeting!!!!

I have been knitting and the Taupe Ribbed Baby Jacket is coming right along. I want to have it completed my the end of the week.

06 December 2007

The results are in!

Well, about 30 minutes ago my OB/GYN office called to give me the results of my 3 hour sugar test I took yesterday. I really didn't want to answer the phone. I have a head cold and I just didn't need any bad news today!

Well . . . I PASSED THE TEST!!!!! That means I won't have to test my blood sugar 4 to 6 times a day and I won't have to restrict everything I eat! I can't believe I passed! I failed this test with both of my other pregnancies. This is proof that each pregnancy is truly different!

I still want to watch what I eat, because I have gained 15 pounds so far and the baby won't come out that big!!!!


So many projects on the needles!

Many of you that read my blog know I normally only work on one project at a time. But since the time is counting down before the baby comes, figure I need to do as much knitting as I can before he arrives. I only have a little over 14 weeks to go! And my kids like to arrive early for some reason.

I have started a Taupe colored ribbed cardigan for the baby for next fall and the Hawkeye Cadet Hat I found on Ravelry. The hat is for my husband and it is almost completed, but I ran into some problem with creating the brim of the hat. It calls for to wrap and turn (short row) technique that I am not very good at. But I really want to finish this hat, because it will look great on my husband!
The Taupe cardigan was started at the doctor's office yesterday during my 3 hour sugar test. It is coming along great!

Well, I have to go. I have another appointment this morning with son CTB. I will post progress photo as soon as possible. Happy knitting!

03 December 2007

Completed Project: Heathered Fetching Hat

Cast On:
November 27, 2007

Bind Off:
November 30, 2007

Moda Dea Bamboo Wool in Heather Gray

US size 8 circulars and double-pointed needles

I had a good amount of this yarn left over {145 yd per ball}

I decided to make a K4,P1 rib edging and added two more cable twist near the top of the hat before decreasing.

Enjoyment Factor: 8

Good Things:
The pattern was simple, the colors in the yarn are lovely and super soft.

Bad Things:
This pattern is only written for a baby. I had originally made it for my youngest son CTB, but came out a little small. So, Baby Boykin will get the honor of having yet another hat by mommy!

Ugly Things:
I can't really say anything ugly about the pattern. The next time I make this hat, I will cast on more stitches to fit an adult head!