29 December 2007

Completed Projects of 2007

Off The Needles This Year:
2 adult sweaters, 3 baby sweaters, 3 dishclothes, 1 baby blanket, 1 baby dress, 1 kitchen plastic bag holder, 2 knitted toys, 3 pairs of baby booties, 1 pair of mittens, and 5 hats.


I can't believe how many knitted projects I have completed this year! This is the first time I have really kept track of how much I have done. Thanks to blogging and Ravelry! Now I have a log of my work with dates, yard usage, and most important photos! I'm sure next year's list will be even longer, but how much knitting will really get done is the question?

I hope everyone has had a successful knitting year and I hope next year is even better !


I am Joy. said...

Congratulations! 21! You've inspired me to blog more on my knitting and perhaps begin a dedicated site for it. CAST ON!

Anonymous said...

I know; once you start keeping track, it's amazing! I didn't knit so much this past year, so 2008 is going to be very different.