28 January 2008

Blogger Slacker and a Personal Goal

I thought I would drop by my blog and add a few lines. I have had a lot of things to happen since my last post. But I don't have time right this minute to write about them. So I will have to make time a little later to update everyone on my life and knitting events.

I am going to have to make a personal goal to at least blog once if not twice a week. I think I maybe able to do that! I hope!!!!

Until later.

14 January 2008

Completed Project: Elefante

Cast On:
January 1, 2008

Bind Off:
January 12, 2008

Lion's Brand Vanna's Choice in Linen, Taupe, and Sliver Blue
{all leftover yarn from the Garter Stitch Baby Blanket}


US size 4 double pointed needles
1 size E crochet hook

I really don't know, because I only used leftovers from another project. I know it wasn't much.

I decided he needed a scarf to keep his little neck warm. I also decided not to use the poly pellets in this project, because I want to be able to wash and dry it in the machine if need too.

Enjoyment Factor: 10

Good Things:
This was a simple and fun pattern to knit! My sister has already put in her request for one, because she loves elephants. Plus, this pattern can use up any scrap yarn you may have from other projects. So, use your favorite leftovers for something really cute!

Bad Things:
Nothing bad to say about this pattern.

Ugly Things:
Not much to say ugly about this pattern. I loved it!!

08 January 2008

What a week I've had!!!

First, let me say "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to everyone. I can't believe this is my first blog of the new year. I have had a few things to happen over this past week and most of them have not been all that great!

Well, let's start with last Wednesday. I had to repeat that dumb 3 hour sugar test to find out if I had developed gestational diabetes. I got my results the next day and I didn't pass. So, now I have to take a nutrition and diabetic class on 1/10 to learn how to eat so many carbs per day to control my insulin levels and sticking my fingers several times a day. Oh, what fun that is going to be!!!

Something good did come out of that day. I had another ultrasound and the baby looks great. The doctor is guessing that he is about 3 pounds at this point and I have 10 more weeks to go! They always guess my babies are large and they have been wrong each time! Jalen was only 7 lbs and Cameron was only 2 lbs 11 ozs, but he was 11 weeks early.

Me and the boys had to take my brother to the airport to return to California on last Friday and we were pretty down about that. He had been here in North Carolina since Dec. 15th. My kids only get to see their Uncle Chip twice a year and they love him to death!! So, we all had the sad face as left him at the airport. Cameron, the youngest, said "Momma, you left Chip", and gave me the nastiest look. I told the boys he would be back to visit again, because he loves them and that the new baby was coming and Uncle Chip had to come back to see the baby. Let's just say once I said the word McDonald's those sad faces changed.

Well, yesterday I was going to pick my son up from school and I got pulled over by the police at a check point and got my very first ticket! I have to say it was my husband's fault! He is suppose to take care of the cars, the yard, and the trash. Well, he failed to get my car inspected and the sticker was out of date. That damn ticket is $145.00! Can you believe that? The crazy thing is that the same dumb officer tried to stop me again coming back from the school - -Jackass!