31 October 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Halloween has become a fun holiday for me, my husband, and the boys. The kids get really get excited about the costumes and of course the CANDY! Between the three of them, I know they collected about 4-6 lbs of candy! And we didn't even hit all the houses in our neighborhood with the lights on! Anyway, I thought I would share some of the pictures I took this evening.

Jalen as the Transformer Bumblebee.

Cameron as G.I. Joe's Storm Shadow Ninja.

Johnny with Ryan as a Blue Ninja.

The boys all dressed and ready to go!

28 October 2009

Being Sick Sucks!

I have been so sick for the past two weeks with the flu! I am feeling better now, but this sore throat and cough will not seem to go away. I have coughed so much that my tongue hurts too! It has been a blessing the the kids are all health, but my husband wasn't so luck. He is recovering from the flu too!

Pray for us!

01 October 2009

Something New and Cute Too!

Now I will admit, that I am not great on my sewing machine. I have never even taking a sewing class. But, I am good at researching and following directions.

I have been seeing these little sewed box bags knitter use for small project and I wanted one too! So, I made it my mission to find a pattern to make me one! I thought to myself, it can't be that hard to make! Well, I found several tutorials online and the one I found here seemed right for me.

It only took me about 2.5 hours to sew and I think it looks great! Now, it does have flaws and they are bothering me. But this was my first attempt and I will do better next time.

My husband, as usual, just looked at me when I told him I was making a bag for small knitting projects. But as the bag started to form, he said, "Well, go ahead Martha Stewart! It looks good!"

And you know what. . . It does! Yes, that's right, I am tooting my own horn! I love it and I am already planning to make more!