06 December 2007

So many projects on the needles!

Many of you that read my blog know I normally only work on one project at a time. But since the time is counting down before the baby comes, figure I need to do as much knitting as I can before he arrives. I only have a little over 14 weeks to go! And my kids like to arrive early for some reason.

I have started a Taupe colored ribbed cardigan for the baby for next fall and the Hawkeye Cadet Hat I found on Ravelry. The hat is for my husband and it is almost completed, but I ran into some problem with creating the brim of the hat. It calls for to wrap and turn (short row) technique that I am not very good at. But I really want to finish this hat, because it will look great on my husband!
The Taupe cardigan was started at the doctor's office yesterday during my 3 hour sugar test. It is coming along great!

Well, I have to go. I have another appointment this morning with son CTB. I will post progress photo as soon as possible. Happy knitting!

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Virtuous said...

OOh I see here..that is about 3 months away!

So does that mean you are due in late February??

You know I can't count! LOL