10 April 2008

New Photos of Baby and New Knit Project.

It seems like I have been working on the DROPS jacket forever, but it is coming long great. I have completed the back and am half way done with the front left. I don't know how I feel about the striping effect yet, but I do like the yarn ok.

I also started the Mossy Jacket for the baby a few days ago, because it is still a little cool. I will have to share the details of the project later. It is hard to type with the baby in my other arm! :)

Well, I have people to ask for more photos of the R. G. "Baby Boykin". So here are a few of him and the other boys. I hope you enjoy!

Ryan at 1 week old

Ryan at 1 week and a very tired me!

Ryan's first bath in the tub

Ryan and Cameron

Ryan at 5 weeks old {last week}

Three of my four Boykin Boys
And last Ryan in a little knit wear!
The Boat Neck Sweater, he just had to sing about it!


Nik said...

He is really cute. And that last your interpretation of that last picture is funny. I keep imagining him singing now.

Nik said...

um, that second sentence is supposed to read, "And your interpretation of that last picture is funny."

Virtuous said...

Gurl you finding time to knit?!? LOL ;op Good for you!

I luv all the family pics!! Too cute of Ryan holding onto dear life during his 1st bath! LOL

Tee hee @ him singing about his knitwear! Mama does a good job!

Can't wait to see both of you soon!

Many blessings to you and the entire fam!!

QueenDBW said...

Deborah, he is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the last pic!!! Can't wait to see y'all next weekend (cause you know you gotta bring him!!!)