26 April 2007

Busy With Everything, But Knitting

The past few days have been a little busy. With house duties, paying bills, completing forms, and spending time with the family, I have to say this has been a long week and it's not even over yet. More time is always needed.

My oldest son will be attending kindergarten this Fall, and I have been trying to complete his application for the past few days. Well, I didn't complete it until last night. He has an open house this afternoon at 5:30 pm. He is so excited about going, but I don't think he realizes yet that his current friends may or may not be in his new class next school year.

I hope I will be able to knit some tonight after the kids are in bed, but that is not guaranteed. I really want to finish my Sahara sweater before May 9th. I have found that if I set a goal with my knitting, I get much more done.

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