19 April 2007

Casting On Something New

My family recycles the plastic bags you get from the grocery store. We use them mostly for trash can liners for small cans. So when my old bag holder broke, I didn't have any place special to put them and now they are all over the place in my pantry. This project was on my futures project list, but under the conditions I thought I need to do something about the bags being everywhere.

So, I casted on my kitchen plastic bag holder yesterday. I am hoping I can finish it in about a week. This means I have to put Sahara on hold during this time, but I am still hoping to complete it by my birthday on May 9th. I found the pattern for the bag holder online a few weeks ago, I can't remember the site, but if I come across it I will mention it in another blog session.

I am using some yarn that I already had in my stash, nothing expensive, and US size 9 double pointed needles. I will post the photo after completing the bag holder.

Well, I have other things to do, like knit. So later.

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