15 September 2007

A Much Needed Change.

Frustrated, excited, and waiting.

A few months ago, I purchased the Boye's Masterneedle Set from my local craft store. I got the set for half the cost, which was a deal! But these needles, SUCK, and I mean big time!!! My yarn kept getting caught on that crazy bump on the cables.

I finally had enough, and I think my husband did too. I kept complaining about how the needles where not my first choice and my husband finally just told me to take the Boye's needles back to the store, get your money back, and just get the needles you really wanted. Well, I did just that!

I just placed an order for my Knit Picks Options circular needle set. I can't wait for them to come! I have one set of their fixed circulars and I love to knit with them.

Now, I have to do the waiting game and running to the mailbox as soon as the mail person closes my mailbox door to see if they are here. Waiting for a new knitting item is never fun.

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Nik said...

You know, I was always afraid to buy the boyes because I didn't know how that bump would affect my knitting. Thanks for the info. I've heard great things about the options circs. I want a set of them myself and am trying to convince my boyfriend that it would behoove him to purchase me a set.