01 November 2007

The Knight, The Pirate, and The Puppy?

It was a Happy Halloween here at the Boykin home this year! Being that I'm pregnant and was in no mood to walk around the neighborhood with the kids, my husband took the day off from work to take them trick or treating. My oldest had been asking me all week was it time for candy and the question just kept coming! Of course, it didn't help that he was out of school the day of Halloween due to a teacher's workday. But I was finally able to tell him "YES, it's time for candy"!

My oldest son was dressed as a brave knight .

My youngest son was dressed as a salty pirate. And believe me, he was salty. He did not want to put that costume on, but when we told him he was going to be getting candy, that sad face turned into a big smile!

And you're probable wondering where's the puppy? Here he is! The boy's cousin Darian came over with his mom to go trick or treating with them. Don't they look cute? They stayed out gathering candy for a hour and a half! And those little bags and pumpkin was full of candy when they returned.

We also celebrated one of my sister-in-law's birthday.

Happy Birthday Erica!!!!!!

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Virtuous said...

Too cute!

LOL @ salty! Haha!