16 February 2008

Leave My Body Please!

Let me just say that I am so tired of being pregnant!! This child has to leave my body soon! I haven't done anything for the past 2 days because I have been in such pain and discomfort.

My poor husband has been very understanding and is doing everything in his power to make me happy. And I love him so much for that! My boys have also been helpful to their round and helpless mom. Yesterday, my oldest son asked me if my tummy was full. I told him,"Yes"and his response was, "Well, you need to call the doctor so she can get the baby out." I totally agree!

My youngest son on the other hand likes to pull my shirt up and pat my tummy. Well yesterday, he decided that we needed to touch bare tummies to make me feel better. I was having a contractions at the time, but I had to laugh at his method of healing. I was in such horrible pain, but he is so cute and just wanted to show mommy some love!

Pray that this baby comes out soon! Because if not, I just may lose my mind!!!

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Nik said...


i can't even imagine how it must feel to have a PERSON in you. well, i can guess that it can be quite uncomfortable at times. I'm sorry. it will be over soon, though.