14 February 2008

A Snowy Valentine's Day.

Today is also Valentine's Day and my husband asked me what do you want today to celebrate? I didn't have one idea! I really don't want or need anything. I can't have chocolate due to my gestational diabetes, so that's out and I have to watch everything I eat.

I have to say that I am happy knowing he and my boys love me so much! My husband spend most of his evening last night, painting my baby's nursery a calming shade of blue called SPA. I love it! He painted without complaining and didn't want me to help. I'd much rather have my husband show me love by doing little things like painting the baby's room, then buying me flowers that will die in a few days or a box of chocolate that I may only like three flavors out of. Now, that's love.

I also have to share this photos of the beautiful and unexpected snow we got last night. It was beautiful! My son didn't have school, so he was happy to be at home. We made a snowmand and had a snowball fit. My oldest son hit me right in the glasses with a huge snowball, let's just say they both got very tickled at that!

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Virtuous said...

And that is what it really is all about!

So glad your life is overflowing with love!!

Dang! Y'all really got all the snow there in Gboro! We just got light flurries in the late/early morning during that time.

Well a date is set!! YAH!!!
(hope our baby blanket doesn't make too loud of a statement for his baby room!!)