15 May 2008

My Mother's Day Surprise.

I have to say, that it is rare that my boys can pull one over on me, but that is what they did on Mother's Day! My husband and the two older boys left the house for a few hours and said they would be back later. That was fine with me, it gave me a little break!!

When they returned, my husband had taken the boys to the Golden Arches for lunch and I saw him come in with the bag, but I didn't think anything of it. Him and the boys went straight for the kitchen to eat. Then my husband came in the dining room and put a old looking DVD player on the table and said," Happy Mother's Day!" I just looked at him. Then he went back in the kitchen.

Well, I looked at the DVD player and thought to myself, "What the devil is this? I didn't ask for a DVD player and what name brand is this thing anyway? Because I know my husband isn't going to purchase some off the wall brand. It didn't come with a box, instructions, or even a Mother's Day card? What is going on?"

Then to my surprise, the boys came around the corner with a bag in their hands, smiling, and said, " Happy Mother's Day". This is what was in the bag:

A brand new red SONY Cyber-shot Digital Camera. I was so shocked!!! I love my new camera and all four of my boys!

They also took me to Applebee's for dinner. Here is a shot of the four of them and a very happy me.


Nik said...

Girl, you have the one I want...with the Carl Zeiss lens. I've wanted one of those for a while because with that lens, I think that it will take great pictures.

You have a beautiful family, girl. Happy Mother's day.

Nettie said...

Nice! My husband is picky with electronics too, so I would have been having the same thoughts. I would wish you a happy mother's day, but it seems you already had one ;)

Virtuous said...

Great surprise and wonderful day!!
I luv that it is RED of course! ;oD

QueenDBW said...

I love it!! I am so envious!! I've been coveting the Cybershot for a hot minute now......