19 June 2008

Something Funny.

My baby will be 4 months next week and he has started to suck on his fingers more. Well, my 5 year old, Jalen, walked over to the baby's swing and said to Ryan, "What you doing baby? You eatting a fist sandwich?"

I laughed so hard I fell out of the chair. Jalen didn't know I was watching him play with the baby. Those little questions made my evening and I hope they make someone else laugh as hard as I did!!


Nik said...

It's funny to hear kids say stuff like that. To hear what's going on in their little heads.

That was funny. Thanks for sharing.

Virtuous said...

Yes that was a good laugh!! Haha! :oD

It is interesting how kids simplify things!

And you know I lurve your new blog banner! :o)

Be good over there woman!

QueenDBW said...

LOL!! "From the mouths of babes.."...we get the BEST comments!!

Pajnstl said...

lol that funny!

Susan said...

That is too funny! Kids have their wits at such a young age you can't even imagine.