16 December 2008

An Interesting Saturday.

I have got to do better about finding time to blog. I miss it so! I had to drop in to share the scary situation I had to deal with this past Saturday. I have never had any problems with giving my oldest son candy. So when he asked for a piece of hard candy on Saturday, I told him "Yes, go ahead and get one piece, but sit down to eat it". Like I said, I have never had a problem with him eating hard candy, because he chews it up as soon as it hits his tongue.

He got the candy and started to walk toward the living room and I went back in the kitchen to wash some dishes. Meanwhile, my middle son is asleep on the sofa and the baby is on the floor in the living room playing with some toys. Jalen, the oldest with the candy, starts to choke in the living room. I stop washing the dishes and call his name. He is still choking and walking back towards the kitchen.

When he came around that corner, his eyes were full of water and he was holding his neck. I was so scared! I asked him if the candy went down his throat and he nodded his head "Yes". Now I am really scared, but I tried to stay calm. I turned him around and started to do the Heimlich Maneuver. After a few thrust to the abdomen, he went to the floor and the candy popped out! I was happy it worked!!

Do you know what that little joker said to me after I got that candy out of his throat? Momma, you hurt my stomach! I didn't know what to say to him. I wanted to laugh because I knew he was alright. But I just went in the bathroom, cried a little, and thanked God for being with me to stay calm and making sure Jalen was ok.

Thru all of this, Cameron didn't even wake up and Ryan was still on the floor having a good time with his toys. It has been years since I took a CPR class and learned the Heimlich Maneuver, but what I learned must have stuck with me all these years because it worked! If you've never taken a CPR class, it wouldn't hurt to if you have some extra time. It could be helpful!!


craft-chick said...

So glad it worked...definitely proves I'm not crazy to require anyone who watches my son to be able to perform CPR! Thank you so much for sharing!

Virtuous said...

Gurl Praise GOD everything turned out alright!!

Giggle! @ his comment

God is definitely a Keeper!!

Glad y'all are doing well ;o) And hope you blog more soon!

Nik said...

My Gosh, i can only imagine how scary that must have been. i'm glad everything worked out alright.

But mommy, you DID hurt his stomach *ducks*