11 May 2009

An Amazing Weekend!

This has been an amazing weekend for me for several different reasons:

First, Saturday was my 35th birthday and I am proud to say that! My sons have been counting down the days until my birthday. I think it was because they want it to be closer to their birthday. To bad that's not until September and December! HA..HA, they've got a long wait!!

My husband never knows what to get me, so he and the kids took me shopping for my birthday. I got 4 brand new bras and 2 night gowns. For all you ladies out there, you know buying bras and finding that one that fits like a soft leather glove is not easy! But I managed to find 4 and with girls the size of mine, they did not come cheap! He said he didn't know it was such a big deal buying bras, but now he understands. I also got my once a year special treat. . . my Carvel Ice Cream Cake! YUMMY!!!

Second, my husband managed to get the whole weekend off, Saturday and Sunday, and that is a rare thing! So, it was nice having him home with us. I don't know how he didn't get any phone calls from work, but he didn't. :) We never go out, but we did get a chance to watch a movie together on Sunday afternoon. We watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. What a wonderful movie! I did find it a little sad. I can't imagine watching everyone around me die and seeing my child's father turn into an infant! Just amazing!!

Third, Mother's Day! My oldest son, made me a gift at school and it was so cute. It was a magic wand that if I tapped him on his head 3 times, my wish for the day would come true. You know I tapped that little head several times yesterday!! Like I said, I watched a movie with the hubby. The kids kept the visits to Crazy Town, the crying, momma I need, he looked at me, you get the point, to a minimum. I got money from the boys for what else, YARN!!! OH, and did I mention that I did not cook or clean for two days!!!! :D

I wish for more days like these. Well, I can wish! I hope everyone had a weekend as great as mine and to all you mother's. . . Happy Mother's Day everyday!!!!


Nik said...

Happy Birthday/Mother's Day honey!

Mariposa said...

Now that sounds like a GREAT Mother's Day! Congratulations.