20 June 2007

Still Knitting and Hot as Hell!

I haven't wrote anything in a few days and thought I should let you know I am still knitting. But not much for other reasons. There just seems to always be something going on that I did not expect.

I have been trying to stay cool in this hot heat, but it just isn't working. My AC has been out since June 2 and it is hot as HELL in this house!!!! We have contacted our landlord, but no AC yet. I am about to lose it! It is 12:01 am right now and the thermostat says 86 degrees --- downstairs. God knows how hot it is upstairs. The family and I only go upstairs to take showers and to grab some clothes. It has been so hot that my husband, me, and our kids are now sleeping downstairs in the family room with, REALLY, 4 fans blowing on us to keep cool. I have just about enough of this !!!!

I know I am not talking much about my knitting, but sometime you just have to let your feeling out about things that are bothering you. Sorry, if I bored you with my frustration.

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