08 August 2007

Completing One Project, Only to Start Another.

Well, I just finished the Dress with Eyelets and it looks pretty good I think. I did make some modifications to the pattern. I will post my highs and lows of this knitting experience later, with photos of course.

But I did start another new project this week. The Sweet Pea Sacque and Cap kit I purchased from JimmyBeansWool.com. The kit came with the pattern and the yarn to complete the project. I chose the yarn Rowan Cashsoft 4Ply RYC in color 436 Fennel a Cedar Green and it is really a pretty shade of green. I am not a huge green fan, but people seem to always go for pastel colors when it comes to baby items and I wanted to knit something different. I'm not sure what I will do with this project, but it is nice to knit these cute little goodies for someones bundle of love.

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Mozilla said...

Ahhh, that is sooo cute!! I love the colors too. Almost makes me want a baby...ok, not really but if I had one I would make this :O)