13 August 2007

Not Much Knitting, But Something To Celebrate!

Well, I haven't done much knitting the past few days. I have just been so tired. I am still excited about knitting my Sweet Pea Sacque and Cap set, but sleep just gets to me after the kids are in bed.

My oldest some will be starting school in just 2 weeks and everyone in the house is all a buzz. Jalen and I went to his kindergarten orientation this morning, and he wanted to take is backpack and all his school supplies with him! I told him, he only had a few more days and his wishes will come true. He just smiled at me.

Yesterday, August 12th was my husband and I seventh wedding anniversary! We didn't do much. He did have yesterday and today off from work and he took the whole family out to lunch - which was wonderful. No cooking for me!!! Sometimes, I can't believe it as been 7 years. Then I look at the kids. They are a great reminder of how much I love my husband and the family we chose to create.

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