18 October 2007

The news is in . . . Boy or Girl?

Well, today was the big day! I had my ultrasound this morning and the verdict is in!

It's a boy!

I can't say I am shocked by the news. I was hoping for a girl since I already have two boys, but I had a feeling early on that it was a boy. He is growing and health according to the ultrasound.

We called some of our family members and gave them the news and I have to say that my brother-in-law had the best reaction! He and his wife have two girls and he would like a boy. He told me that if this was a girl, that he then knew he had hope of having a son if he and his wife tried again. So when my husband told him we are having our third son, he was totally surprise and could not believe it! He said that himself and my husband needed to talk to find out what we were doing to make 3 boys.

I am happy to know he is doing well and growing . . . now what in the world are we going to name him? Well, we have a few more months to come up with something fabulous!

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Virtuous said...

AAH That is so great!!! You will remain Queen of the house! :oD

I am glad that he is growing and is healthy! That is what matters!!

Congrats again!!