11 November 2007

Completed Project: Garter Stitch Baby Blanket

Cast On:
October 23, 2007

Bind Off:
November 10, 2007

Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Dusty Green, Dusty Purple, Linen, Colonial Blue, Sliver Blue, and Taupe

Garter Stitch Blanket

US size 9 straight needles

I had left over yarn with all the colors, but I used most of the Taupe, and both Blues. I had almost half or a little more than half left with the other colors. {170 yd per ball}

I decided to do 49, instead of 56 squares.

Enjoyment Factor: 7

Good Things:
The pattern was simple and it came together really well! This was my first time working with Vanna's Choice yarn, and it is not bad for an acrylic yarn. It's soft, comes in beautiful colors, and is machine washable and dryable!!

Bad Things:
SEAMING AND WEAVING IN ENDS!!!! Does anything else have to be said!

Ugly Things:
I am not good at weaving in ends and I am afraid that after washing, the ends will be visible.


Virtuous said...

It looks great and will keep the baby warm!!

Can't wait to see your next knitted baby items!

~ Hey I plan to CO for Juliet at the end of this month as soon as I get Ms. Marigold done! :o) Maybe we can pick up Juliet together!

Amanda said...

Your blanket looks wonderful! Ican never get my yarn ends to stay hidden either.

Cas... said...

I love it! A very pretty blanket. You did a terrific job! I hope the ends don't show after you wash it! Sending you lots of luck!

PAJNSTL said...

It came out beautifully!

del said...

That's an adorable blanket! I know all those ends would've driven me crazy, so you're good for tackling them. The colors are really great because they're not all traditional pastels. Love it.

ahappyknitter said...

I love your afghan and the colors you chose. Is Baby Boykin a girl or a boy or don't you know yet? Your trick or treaters are darling.