14 November 2007

What a day I've had!

The day started out fairly well. I got up at 6:30 am to get myself and my oldest son ready for school. I dropped him off at 7:30 am, delivered some packages to a friend, dropped a package off at The UPS Store, and stopped to grab a blueberry muffin for breakfast. I had all that done by 8:30 am!

The book fair was at my son's school and I knew he saw a few books that he wanted, so my youngest son and I arrived at the school at 10:30 am. We shopped and was out of there by 11:50 am. Well, this is when the day went BAD!!!!!

I put my purse on the passenger seat and my keys on the driver's seat. While I was doing that my son was climbing into his car seat. I then turned to fasten him in and the driver's side door closes as I am closing the door where my son is. Here's the problem. There was a short in the locking system and the doors all locked when the door closed!!!!

That's right . . . I now had an almost 3 year old fastened in his car seat alone with my keys and purse in the front seat!!!! Luck for me, a wonderful women let me use her cell phone to call my husband who did not answer his phone. Long story short, 3 firefighter drove up to the school with lights flashing on the fire engine and saved my son and his emotional mother at this point! And who drives up as the crisis is over. . . my husband.

I hope I never have another day like this one!! I think I will have a car key made to pin to the inside of my bra. Maybe I will feel better than!!!!

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Virtuous said...

OOh no so sorry about your day!
Thank goodness your son was safe! And you were at school where lots of people could help you!

My girlfried just experienced the exact same thing last week with her 9 month old!!!!

Here is to a better day!