29 November 2007

The Pregnancy Weight Gain and the Sugar Test.

Well, it is the week after Thanksgiving and I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. I was dreading the idea of being weighed! But much to my surprise I had only gained 0.5 pound since last weeks visit! Now keep in mind I celebrated two birthdays, Thanksgiving, and attended by sister-in-law's wedding back to back last week. And you best believe I ate at each occasion! So, as of now I have gained a total of 14.5 pounds. That is a little more than I had gain with my other two pregnancies at this point.

A photo of me and the boys at my sister-in-law's wedding.

Congratulations Daryll & Alicia Streeter!

I also had to get my weekly injection to help me with preterm labor. A problem I had with both of my other pregnancies. The doctor really is staying on task with this baby. I know I am having a boy, but she wants to do another ultrasound at 28 weeks to make sure the baby is progressing well. I don't have any doubts and plus it will be nice to see the sweet face that is kicking me so hard!

I also had to take the 1-hour sugar test yesterday to test me for gestational diabetes -- a type of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy. I had it with both of my other pregnancies and managed it with diet. Well, I got a call this afternoon to tell me that I did not pass the test by 6 points! Only 6 points! The next step is to take the 3-hour test. I will be doing that next week. Oh, what fun . . . sitting in the doctor's office for a whole 3 hours!!!


Susan said...

I always wondered how to post a comment on your blog. Congrats on things going well for your third addition. My sister has three boys and my brother has three girls!


Virtuous said...

Yeah you have been busy AND you look GREAT!

Thanks for updating us on your pregnancy!

At least you will have knitting to keep you occupied while in the doctor's office! :o)

Nik said...

You and your family are just too cute. The boys are simply adorable.