29 November 2007

The Pregnancy Weight Gain and the Sugar Test.

Well, it is the week after Thanksgiving and I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. I was dreading the idea of being weighed! But much to my surprise I had only gained 0.5 pound since last weeks visit! Now keep in mind I celebrated two birthdays, Thanksgiving, and attended by sister-in-law's wedding back to back last week. And you best believe I ate at each occasion! So, as of now I have gained a total of 14.5 pounds. That is a little more than I had gain with my other two pregnancies at this point.

A photo of me and the boys at my sister-in-law's wedding.

Congratulations Daryll & Alicia Streeter!

I also had to get my weekly injection to help me with preterm labor. A problem I had with both of my other pregnancies. The doctor really is staying on task with this baby. I know I am having a boy, but she wants to do another ultrasound at 28 weeks to make sure the baby is progressing well. I don't have any doubts and plus it will be nice to see the sweet face that is kicking me so hard!

I also had to take the 1-hour sugar test yesterday to test me for gestational diabetes -- a type of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy. I had it with both of my other pregnancies and managed it with diet. Well, I got a call this afternoon to tell me that I did not pass the test by 6 points! Only 6 points! The next step is to take the 3-hour test. I will be doing that next week. Oh, what fun . . . sitting in the doctor's office for a whole 3 hours!!!

26 November 2007

Completed Project: Forest Cable Knit Hat

Cast On:
November 19, 2007

Bind Off:
November 21, 2007

Moda Dea Vision in Forest


US size 7 circulars and double-pointed needles

I had a good amount of this yarn left over {155 yd per ball}

I cabled to the front not the back. It is easier for me.

Enjoyment Factor: 9

Good Things:
The pattern was simple, the colors in the yarn are lovely, and the yarn is warm and soft for a wool & acrylic mix!

Bad Things:
I can't say much bad about this pattern.

Ugly Things:
The yarn is not dryable in the machine.

19 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

14 November 2007

What a day I've had!

The day started out fairly well. I got up at 6:30 am to get myself and my oldest son ready for school. I dropped him off at 7:30 am, delivered some packages to a friend, dropped a package off at The UPS Store, and stopped to grab a blueberry muffin for breakfast. I had all that done by 8:30 am!

The book fair was at my son's school and I knew he saw a few books that he wanted, so my youngest son and I arrived at the school at 10:30 am. We shopped and was out of there by 11:50 am. Well, this is when the day went BAD!!!!!

I put my purse on the passenger seat and my keys on the driver's seat. While I was doing that my son was climbing into his car seat. I then turned to fasten him in and the driver's side door closes as I am closing the door where my son is. Here's the problem. There was a short in the locking system and the doors all locked when the door closed!!!!

That's right . . . I now had an almost 3 year old fastened in his car seat alone with my keys and purse in the front seat!!!! Luck for me, a wonderful women let me use her cell phone to call my husband who did not answer his phone. Long story short, 3 firefighter drove up to the school with lights flashing on the fire engine and saved my son and his emotional mother at this point! And who drives up as the crisis is over. . . my husband.

I hope I never have another day like this one!! I think I will have a car key made to pin to the inside of my bra. Maybe I will feel better than!!!!

11 November 2007

Completed Project: Garter Stitch Baby Blanket

Cast On:
October 23, 2007

Bind Off:
November 10, 2007

Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Dusty Green, Dusty Purple, Linen, Colonial Blue, Sliver Blue, and Taupe

Garter Stitch Blanket

US size 9 straight needles

I had left over yarn with all the colors, but I used most of the Taupe, and both Blues. I had almost half or a little more than half left with the other colors. {170 yd per ball}

I decided to do 49, instead of 56 squares.

Enjoyment Factor: 7

Good Things:
The pattern was simple and it came together really well! This was my first time working with Vanna's Choice yarn, and it is not bad for an acrylic yarn. It's soft, comes in beautiful colors, and is machine washable and dryable!!

Bad Things:
SEAMING AND WEAVING IN ENDS!!!! Does anything else have to be said!

Ugly Things:
I am not good at weaving in ends and I am afraid that after washing, the ends will be visible.

09 November 2007

Progress on the Garter Stitch Blanket

Here is some of the progress I have made on the Garter Stitch Baby Blanket. I love how the colors are coming together, but I still have a several more rows of squares to attach! After knitting all these squares, I have realized how much I hate seaming and that doesn't count the ends I have to do something with!

I plan to have the blanket completed by this Saturday, so look for the finished piece. Happy Friday!

06 November 2007

The End is Near.

Well, I only have 6 more squares left to knit for my Garter Stitch Baby Blanket. I have planned to knit 49 squares, but if the blanket is not as long as I would like, I will add 7 more squares, one in each color, for a total of 56. I am very pleased so far!

Here is the last color to be knitted. It is Vanna's Choice in Taupe.

02 November 2007

Next Color in by Quest of the Garter Stitch Blanket

Here is the next color to be added to the Garter Stitch Blanket. It is Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Colonial Blue. I was going to use Dusty Blue, but it looked more teal than blue. I think it will work out just fine!

01 November 2007

The Knight, The Pirate, and The Puppy?

It was a Happy Halloween here at the Boykin home this year! Being that I'm pregnant and was in no mood to walk around the neighborhood with the kids, my husband took the day off from work to take them trick or treating. My oldest had been asking me all week was it time for candy and the question just kept coming! Of course, it didn't help that he was out of school the day of Halloween due to a teacher's workday. But I was finally able to tell him "YES, it's time for candy"!

My oldest son was dressed as a brave knight .

My youngest son was dressed as a salty pirate. And believe me, he was salty. He did not want to put that costume on, but when we told him he was going to be getting candy, that sad face turned into a big smile!

And you're probable wondering where's the puppy? Here he is! The boy's cousin Darian came over with his mom to go trick or treating with them. Don't they look cute? They stayed out gathering candy for a hour and a half! And those little bags and pumpkin was full of candy when they returned.

We also celebrated one of my sister-in-law's birthday.

Happy Birthday Erica!!!!!!